The ATO says that $10 billion has been refunded to Australian taxpayers so far this tax time, an increase of over $2 billion from the same time last year, with most returns being processed in under two weeks. 

ATO Assistant Commissioner Karen Foat has highlighted that the ATO seeks to process returns as soon as possible, announcing that over four million refunds have already been sent out, compared to over three million refunds issued this time last year.

"Of course, the ATO works around the clock to quickly get refunds in peoples' hands", she said. "However, there are some things that taxpayers should take care with to ensure their return is not unnecessarily delayed.

"Firstly, it's important to check your bank account details are correct, and if you've changed accounts recently, take a moment to update your details.

"When refunds get sent to incorrect bank accounts, redirecting them to your new account will take more time. This tax time, we've seen some people who are really keen to get their refund, having missed this important step."

Another big obstacle getting between some people and their return is forgetting to declare some income. Common things people forget to include are rental income, bank interest and government allowances or payments. This is particularly a risk if your tax return was lodged before the ATO's pre-fill was available.