The ATO is visiting more than 400 businesses across Perth and Canberra in April as part of a campaign to help small businesses stay on top of their tax affairs. Assistant Commissioner Tom Wheeler said the ATO is focusing on businesses operating in the cash and hidden economies, with the aim of ensuring fairness for all businesses and the community.

He said ATO officers will be visiting restaurants and cafés, hair and beauty and other small businesses in Perth and Canberra to make sure their registration details are up to date. "These industries are on our radar because they have ready access to cash, and this is a major risk indicator", Mr Wheeler said.

Mr Wheeler said the industries the ATO is visiting have some of the highest rates of concerns reported to the ATO from across the country. He said the visits are part of an ongoing ATO program of work, which is making its way around the country. So far, the ATO has met businesses in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

Source: ATO, Tax officers hit the streets to help small businesses, 7 March 2017,;  Working with industry, 11 January 2017,