The term "black economy" refers to people and businesses who operate outside the tax and regulatory systems, or who are known to the authorities but do not correctly report their tax obligations.

The Government is establishing a new Advisory Board to support its reform agenda to disrupt the black economy. The Minister for Revenue announced on 22 June 2018 that Mr Michael Andrew AO, who provided strong leadership to the Black Economy Taskforce last year, will chair the Black Economy Advisory Board. 

The Advisory Board will include members of the private and public sector who will provide strategic advice on trends and risks in the black economy. The Advisory Board will also advise the Treasury about implementation of the Government's decisions attacking the black economy and contribute to a Government report every five years about new threats emerging in the black economy.

The Minister said the Government's actions to date have included a $10,000 limit on cash transactions, a comprehensive strategy to combat illicit tobacco, reforms to the ABN system, restricting government procurement to businesses that have acceptable tax records, and $315 million in additional funding to the ATO to increase its enforcement activity against black economy behaviour.