Businesses that recognise income on an accruals basis (ie when an invoice is raised) may consider delaying the raising of invoices for services rendered until after 30 June and thereby delay deriving assessable income until after the 2019 income tax year. 

For example, if cash flow permits, businesses could delay raising some invoices in respect of work in progress (WIP). Also note that service income received in advance (eg where amounts are received before 30 June 2019 but services are only provided after 30 June 2019) may only be assessable income in the 2020 income tax year.

If income is derived on the cash basis (eg interest, royalties, rent and dividends), businesses may consider deferring the receipt of certain payments until after 30 June 2019 (eg set term deposits to mature after 30 June 2019 rather than before 30 June 2019).