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Driving Business Value for Growth, Succession, Sale

Most business owners want to know what their business is worth when planning for growth, succession, sale or even acquisition.  Valuable businesses are also easier to manage; have lower risk than competitors; attract finance; and ultimately return value to shareholders through wealth creation and cash dividends. 

This seminar will provide an overview of the most common business valuation methods, together with the factors that most affect business value and what you,  as an owner, can do to change your business' value. 

This seminar will provide an overview of common methods of business valuations, factors that can affect individual values and what you, as an owner, can do to increase your value.

Join us to explore how to arrive at an indicative value of your business today, and leave with a list of key actions to immediately increase that value in the next six months.


    Event Details:

    Date: Wednesday 11th March 2020

    Time: 8.30am - 10.00am

    Venue: Spry Roughley,

    Level 3 55 Phillip Street

    Parramatta NSW

    Fee: $40.00 (inc GST)

    Morning Tea & Light Refreshments will be provided

    CPD: 1.5 hours

    Enquiries: Jennifer Turner

    Ph: 02 9891 6100

    RSVP Wednesday 2nd March 2020

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    About the Presenters

    Fergus Roughley CA, Partner, Spry Roughley Chartered Accountants

    Fergus is a Tax and Advisory Partner at Spry Roughley. Fergus has extensive experience in providing business valuations and brings a practical approach in understanding valuation methodologies.

    Anthony Saccaro CA, Director, Spry Roughley Chartered Accountants

    Anthony has over 10 years experience helping businesses with tax, accounting and audit needs.  

     Shaun Madders CA, Partner, Spry Roughley Chartered Accountants

    Shaun is a Tax and Advisory Partner at Spry Roughley with extensive experience spanning almost 30 years.

    • Our firm is built on being attentive to and extensively knowledgeable about our clients so we can work with them to help them to both achieve their goals and protect them from risk. We are forward looking in our advice and always aim to be practical and right.
      - Martin Roughley, Managing Director
    • In business, there is so much going on and you don’t always have all the answers. That’s when you need to know who to call. Our clients call us.
      - Shaun Madders, Director
    • Going beyond the compliance and routine is what we do. By maintaining open and frank communication we are able to provide valuable insights and assist in driving the changes required to help our clients achieve their goals.
      - Fergus Roughley, Director