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Modern Families. Safeguarding Your Assets and Protecting Your Business

Today's 'modern family' is complex and diverse, incorporating the traditional nuclear family of mum, dad and a couple of kids, alongside same-sex families, blended families, step families, de facto couples and couples choosing not to have children at all. The changing nature of families however, and the increasing complexity of the family structure, can lead to issues for family businesses in the event of a relationship breaking down.

Many family lawyers are reporting an increase in the number of property settlements that involved the assets of a family business. In some of those cases, it can be extremely difficult to 'untangle' the financial aspects of the broken relationship – particularly when both parties have worked or held positions in the family business, or there are numerous "dependants".

As a business owner, how can you safeguard your business and its ongoing success in the event of a separation or divorce?

Spry Roughley Chartered Accountants and Coleman Greig Lawyers have joined forces to present a unique and valuable insight into some of the issues facing family businesses from a family law perspective. The session will cover topics such as:

  • Effective structuring of the business
  • Family trusts - who really owns the assets?
  • Superannuation and binding death benefit nominations
  • Tax consequences of separation
  • Untangling the financial relationship
  • Can a binding financial agreement ("pre-nup") help?
  • Property settlements - real life examples of how the courts are dealing with assets of a family business.

Event Details:

Date: Wednesday 26th October 2016

Time: 7.15am - 9.00am

Venue: Spry Roughley,

Level 3 55 Phillip Street

Parramatta NSW

Fee: $22.00 (inc GST)

Continental breakfast provided

Enquiries: Jennifer Turner

Ph: 02 9891 6100

RSVP Thursday 20th October 2016

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The presentation will highlight how all business owners, regardless of their personal circumstances, can protect their most important asset through effective planning and foresight.

Places will be limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

About the Presenters

Shaun Madders, Spry Roughley Chartered Accountants

Shaun is a Client Service Partner at Spry Roughley Chartered Accountants and has a keen interest in working with families in business. He understands the special issues that families working together face and advises them on many facets of family business, including the transfer of management & ownership to the next generation.

Stephanie Lee, Coleman Greig Lawyers

Stephanie Lee is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law and is highly skilled in all aspects of family law, including property disputes, maintenance, parenting issues, relocation, child support, consent orders and financial agreements. She also has considerable expertise in managing complex financial settlements and "detangling" a couple's financial affairs.

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