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Anthony Saccaro

Client Service Partner

Spry Roughley provides tax advisory services to businesses of all sizes, business owners, investors, and high net wealth individuals. Our core philosophy of understanding each client’s goals and providing tailored advice, ensures that good tax outcomes can flow from structured planning and management of a client’s situation and wealth.

Tax transaction advice

Getting advice on the establishment or purchase of a business or asset maximises the opportunity to provide significant and meaningful advice on the short and long term tax impacts / expectations and provide you, as the owner, with all of the facts. 

Clients often approach us with preconceived ideas based on prior experience or with ideas that might have worked for others. We welcome this broad approach and injection of ideas into the discussion as well as providing the opportunity to provide tailored advice to each individual circumstance.


Small, Medium, Large and Significant Global Entities (very large) are all subject to different tax rates and regimes in Australia.

As business tax experts, we ensure that no matter the size of your business, we proactively advise on the opportunities and risks in the ever-changing tax law. Our annual, pre-year end business review and tax planning process gives us the opportunity to meet with business owners and key management personnel to work through tax estimates, any residual planning opportunities, and division of responsibilities to ensure that whilst profitable, businesses don’t pay more tax than they need too.

Our monthly newsletter and business update communicates opportunities and key changes in tax and business compliance laws to business owners and key managers to ensure that as matters arise, they are informed and know that they can contact us to discuss the detail.

High Net Wealth Individuals

Individuals who are building wealth often have need of structures such as companies (passive and operating), partnerships (limited and joint & several), fixed or unit trusts, discretionary trusts, and super funds.

Looking at each business or investment opportunity and assisting with the review or modelling of cash flows, financing options and tax impacts, can make a significant differences in the ultimate structure used. Importantly, the personal and family situation of the owner will also often have a impact on the structure so spending the time to get all of the information upfront and advise on a range of possible options will lead to better long term decision making.

Whilst not always welcome, our clients don’t fear tax office review or audit activity. Our process of contemporary documentation of key decisions, maintaining and updating group structure charts and annual review and planning processes, ensure that our solutions are compliant with the law and will ultimately pass Australian Taxation Office (ATO) inspection.

Family and Discretionary Trusts

Whilst not for everyone, the use of family or discretionary trusts to build wealth can provide flexibility and long term solutions to family wealth distribution and sharing.

Whilst the trusts provide excellent flexibility, the documentation required to ensure compliant management of the trust is more extensive than other structures. Our structured annual tax planning and documentation process ensures that we meet with trustees and key family members prior to the end of each Financial Year and document their decisions on the distribution of income and capital. We also assist in the accounting and financial reporting requirements including the preparation of trust distribution statements informing beneficiaries of their income entitlement.

Structure Review and Reorganisation

Personal, family and business relationships all change over time and it is important to ensure that, to the extent possible, wealth structures remain current and relevant as things progress.

We often undertake a comprehensive review of business and wealth structures for new clients or as one-off engagements. These reviews often assist in building understanding of existing structures to owners or family members who may not have been involved in their establishment as well as a ‘check-up’ to ensure that the structure continues to meet the needs of the current owners and individuals based on their own personal, family and tax situations.

Should the need and opportunity arise, we can apply specialist reorganisation or restructure provisions to fine tune or adjust existing structures and make ownership or other changes without the impost of significant or immediate taxing points.

Anthony Saccaro

Client Service Partner
Our long-standing business relationship is a testament to the value that we see in Spry.
Group Financial Controller
Large Engineering Group
The responsiveness and willingness to assist us when we need it, is valued and greatly appreciated.
Group Financial Controller
Large Engineering Group
It’s not just about the relationship - you get the right people with the right knowledge with the dedication to get outcomes to get the job done.
Private company >$500m turn-over
I feel I am talking to people who have a vested interest in making sure my business is going well.
Privately Company >$300m turn-over
Accessibility and being available at any point. Being proactive to avoid panic / urgency and action is timely.
Manufacturing Company
Partnership with a capital P – We own the opportunities, issues and challenges together.
High Net Wealth Investor
Accessibility, responsiveness, forward planning. Proactive
Multiple Pharmacy Owner
Spry Roughley know my business - you have a handle on what I need. The little stuff is important because that’s what enables the big stuff to happen.
Entrepreneur / Engineer
Manufacturing business owner
Value the processes around what we do. The structure and rigor. Structuring and reporting information. Phone calls and teams meeting to engage with Directors on the business.
Electrical Manufacturing
Strategic advice and carrying projects through to completion. Beyond just completing compliance
Third Party Logistics provider
Relationship. Strong believer in the success you surround yourself with. Morale changed when you came on board. Confidence in us is great.
Construction Materials Import and Wholesale
Personable - you are a reasonable size but you are still personable
National Retailer
When we have a scenario or a goal, you think about it and give us options so we can make informed decisions. It's more of a partnership
Chief Executive Officer
Vehicle Manufacturer
Able to adjust and continue to provide value as we grow and change
IT start-up Founder
Thank you for all your support throughout the sale process...It was good to have you on my side, not just from an accounting and compliance aspect but from the personal support you gave me.
Former Business Owner